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For nearly 20 years Peggy has assisted us with Insurance products for our home, investment properties and automobiles.  She and her staff have always provided impeccable service along with Insurance coverage designed to meet our needs and our budget. It is such a pleasure and so reassuring to know that we have an agent who is always focused on our best interests.


Gary and Tony

I have had the pleasure of having Peggy Wright as my insurance agent for exactly 8 years.  We immediately built up a sort of bond, and simply connected. I just knew during my first conversation with Peggy that she could take care of all my insurance needs.  I have known Peggy since the start of 2013, after being recommended by a close work colleague.  She is a totally dedicated considerate professional, who has looked after both my automobile issuance and home insurance must meticulously,  and most importantly, continuously ever since.  I felt a connection with Peggy after just a couple of initial conversations way back in 2013. I just knew I had found a kindred spirit, and she made me most welcome when I relocated to Connecticut from the UK.   Peggy is always so approachable and reliable. Every single email has been answered. She always makes me feel special. I know she has many other busy and needy customers to juggle, yet I always felt I was getting first class treatment. So expedient are the turnaround times in relation to written correspondence and in returning calls.   Totally Impressive and articulate, Peggy will surely provide you with a bespoke insurance service for all your needs.  Most of all Peggy is kind, hard working and considerate and I would recommend her to you without any hesitation whatsoever!



I would highly recommend Peggy Wright to my family and friends as she has been so helpful to me over the last few years. She is always gracious with her time and listens to what I have to say. Not only does she respond quickly but she resolves issues in a timely matter! 



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